Support for TalkBack’s Jelly Bean Explore By Touch now in Firefox for Android nightlies

This is just a quick shout-out to you early adopters that, as of the August 22, 2012 nightly build of Firefox for Android, support for Explore By Touch, Jelly Bean style, has landed and is now working. If you use a Nexus 7 or other device that already has Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, you can explore content by dragging your finger, or go sequentially by using the swipe left and right gestures. Activate an item by first setting accessibility focus to it via one of the two means described, and then perform a double-tap anywhere on the screen.

You can get the newest version of the Firefox nightly build either through Software Update (Menu, Settings, About Nightly, Check for Updates link), or by visiting the Nightly builds download page and downloading the standard Android build from there. You will probably not want the ARM V6 build, since that is for devices with that older processor running Android 2.3 or earlier.

Have fun, and feel free to leave us feedback as usual!

5 thoughts on “Support for TalkBack’s Jelly Bean Explore By Touch now in Firefox for Android nightlies

  1. Can I get in touch with someone about the technical details of this support? It doesn’t seem to work in Spiel and I’m wondering if it stems from a misunderstanding somewhere. I haven’t seen a particularly well-documented explanation of many aspects of the accessibility API, and much of it I implement based on experimentation.

    In particular, I’d expect your HTML view to support ACTION_NEXT_HTML_ELEMENT/ACTION_PREVIOUS_HTML_ELEMENT. When scrolling through WebView and Chrome, I use these to determine whether or not the next action should scroll HTML or move beyond the view to the browser controls. I can’t get this support working on the latest Spiel checkout.



  2. Hey Nolan.

    I would love to walk you through our Jelly Bean solution, it is quite novel (read: crazy). I emailed you to set up a good time to talk.


  3. Hay, excellent job. My nexus 7 loves the ff nightly.

    Good job on the interview on That Android Show.

    OK, want some feedback?
    I have just two requests.
    1. I sure wish I could navigate by heading, link, form field, etc, without a hardware keyboard. My nexus 7 likes being by itself in my pocket. I’ll try the eyes-free keyboard, but I wish …

    2. On the keyboard, pressing h moves to the next heading, good work! Is there any way the numbers 1-6 can move to the next heading of that level? In other words, pressing 1 navigates to the next H1 tag, 2 the next H2 tag, etc.

    Again, Thank you much!!!!!!!


  4. Great job on this work. Is there anyway I can talk with you about the technical implementation? I’m trying to do something similar over here, but can only get onHover to give me MotionEvents for a finger touching and lifting, but not for moving. I’m wondering if you were able to solve this?


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