The switch back to Windows has been reverted – quite some time ago actually

This is a post I should have written quite some time ago, but never got around to doing so. But since I like to follow-up with things I wrote on my blog, it’s time I tied up this loose end.

In February of 2014, I wrote a post titled Switching Back To Windows. It reflects thoughts, frustrations, and other factors I had had with the OS X platform at the time.

However, as it turned out in the following months, these frustrations were nothing compared to what awaited me once I dove back into the full Windows experience full-time, day in, day out. The new laptop I got, made by Lenovo, managed to wreck its Windows installation two months into using it. I had to reinstall, and because its Recovery partition was broken, had to get a Microsoft Win 8.1 ISO and install all extra drivers by hand. Needless to say, this didn’t go without sighted assistance. One of the drivers was the sound card driver. Surprise!

That new installation lasted another three or four months, and I didn’t really use it too heavily. I also didn’t install any funky stuff on it, no malware crept on or anything. It just became slower and slower and slower by the day. I turned off defragmentation, something that is mostly useless on an SSD anyway. I didn’t let the operating system index anything special, either. I pulled all kinds of tricks my previous knowledge and new research on the web offered me, and failed. On top of that, that notebook turned its cooling on every two minutes even when largely sitting idle. The casing, in plastic, became hot even when just reading mail or light surfing, and I didn’t even have Flash installed!

By October of 2014, I was back on my beloved MacBook Air, which by then ran the public beta of Yosemite. And because Yosemite was initially quite a bad release, as can be read in this open letter to Apple, I installed Win 8.1 in Bootcamp and used that day in, day out for a month or two.

And guess what? That MacBook Air, from mid 2012, was not really slower than the high-end Lenovo laptop with a quad core processor and what not I got earlier in the year. I should have listened to one commenter who recommended that exact thing to do. 🙂 The experience was not much better over-all anyway. Compared to the OS X operating system, battery life was only half, and the Air, too, was always considerably warmer and more busy cooling itself than under OS X.

By January this year, I sold the Lenovo on eBay, at a terrible price tag. The loss was about 70% on one year old hardware.. Imagine that!

At the same time, Yosemite had reached its 10.10.2 release, which stabilized things a lot, and so I ditched that Bootcamp installation, installed Windows in a VM, and went back to using OS X full-time on my private machine.

Mail still isn’t too great, especially when viewing conversations, or I am missing a quick way to go to the next message in such a conversation without having to exit, and re-enter two levels of interaction for each message that is an embedded object. Safari or Chrome are both OK, Firefox isn’t quite there yet, but that’s not OS X’s problem, but that of the Mozilla accessibility effort, which I am part of. The Twitter client on OS X is way better than any of the ones I tried on Windows, all of which were in the habit of wrecking their databases every other week for no apparent reason. I tried three of them and won’t name a single one.

Pages also got a lot better in that one year, so my office needs were covered better, too. And now, Microsoft is even making Word 2016 accessible! some rough edges from superficial testing, but hey, they’re getting there!

OK, that’s the update to that topic! 🙂


2 thoughts on “The switch back to Windows has been reverted – quite some time ago actually

  1. Want a simple way to move through messages inside a thread using Apple Mail? Here you go.
    1. Press return on a thread you want to deal with.
    2. Now, stop interacting.
    3. Next, simply use VO+left and VO+right to move instantly from message to message inside a thread. When done, just press CMD+w. HTH.


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